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Multi-genre Research Paper

The true story behind
The Little Mermaid


The title of my research  paper is The true story behind the Little Mermaid and it’s about the feelings that Hans Christian Anderson wanted to express with this fairy tale. I always liked Disney’s Little Mermaid until one day, I  was in my “hospedaje”. One of my housemates  left a library book on the kitchen table. I started to look at the book and found the Little Mermaid original version and some information about the author. I believe that it is very important for people to look for information about the author of the book their going to start to read, because it helps you understand better the message the author wants to transmit.


In the following research  paper you  will find information on the Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson. Hans Christian Anderson was a Dutch fairy tale writer. Who lived a very interesting life because he was bisexual. When Hans Christian Anderson wrote the Little Mermaid he was passing thought a bad moment in his life. His beloved Edvard Collins who was straight and didn’t correspond to his love, was getting married to a woman. Hans Christian left before the wedding, and the time he spent away.  He wrote The Little Mermaid the original version. The Little Mermaid in its original version she passes thought allot of suffering, she has a grandmother, she doesn’t have a talking crab or talking fish, her beloved prince marries another woman and she dies because she refuses to kill the prince.

Hans Christian Andersons Little Mermaid original piece has been affected  by the translations in additions to many companies adaptations to make them suitable for some viewers. But  Disney adaptation of the Little Mermaid especially caught my attention, because it was one of Disney’s most lucrative movies.

Annotated  Biography

1.  Wullschlager, Jackie. Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales. Viking Penguin, 2005.

In this annotation  Hans Christian Andersons  Fairy tales and a biography of  the author.

2. Zipes, Jack. Fairy Tales. New York: Barnes and Nobles Classics, 2007.

In this  anotation you will find Hans Christian Andersons fairy tales inclueding the Little  Mermaid.

3.   The internet movie database. 12 2009          <;.

In this annotation you can find information about the movie The Little Mermaid. Information for example  who where the actors that did the voices of the character, the name of the director and other people that participated in the film.

4.  Greenhouse, Linda. “Justice to review copyrigth extension.” The New York Times 20 february 2002.

In this annotation you will find an news  paper  written  by Lind Greenhouse for the New York                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Times. The article is about  a revision made on the copyright  law and it includes  some reactions  to this  revision

5. Walt Disney Studios. december 2009 <;.

This is an annotation of the Walt Disney website. In this page you will find information about Disneys  Little Mermaid movie. For example Disneys version of the story and its characters.

Genre # 1:  Wanted poster

Genre # 2: Obituary

The Little Mermaid

(1805 – 1820)

Illustrations form

The Little Mermaid princess of under the sea died at a very young age.             She died because she refused to kill her beloved prince, who she loved  with all her heart. The Little Mermaid is survived by her father king of under the sea, her grandmother and her sisters. Who did everything they could to save  her life and how they cry their lost.

Genre # 3: Newspaper article

The government is planning to eliminate the copyright law.

The  government has revised the copyright law, and strongly considering the possibility of eliminating the it. Many companies concern by the new revising, and how this will affect them. Specially Walt Disney who is very protective of their characters, and is being strongly criticized by the way they took fairy tales like the Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson and completely changed it to make it more suitable for their audience. Audience that believe that fairy tale should always have an happy endings. In fact Disney wasn’t the only company to chance the original version of the Little Mermaid. In the process of translating from Dutch to many other languages has affected the original piece and its intentions.

An example of how Hans Christian Anderson felt about his work can be seen in this letter he wrote to his friend B.S. Ingemann. Anderson wrote to his friend the poet B.S. Ingemann. “ I don’t know how other writers fell! I suffer with my characters, I share their moods, whether good or bad, and I can be nice or nasty according to the scene on which I happened to be working. This latest, third installment of tales for children is probably the best, and you’re going to like it !… I have not, like de la Motte Fouque in Underline, allowed the mermaids acquiring of an immortal soul to depend upon an alien creature, upon the love of a human being. I’m sure that’s wrong ! It would depend rather too much on chance, would depends rather too much on chance, wouldn’t it? I would accept that sort of thing in this world. I have permitted my mermaid to follow a more natural, more divine path. No writer, I believe, has indicated it yet, and that’s why I am glad to have it my tale”  (1).

In the letter presented we can see that Anderson was influenced by de la Motte Fouque’s Underline and the passion and love he made his stories. If only Hans Christian knew what has become of his works.

(1)  Wullschlager, Jackie. Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales. Viking Penguin, 2005

Genre # 4:  Picture with description

Pictures used are from

To make this picture I used a picture of Disney’s Little Mermaid and a picture of Hans Christian Anderson. I cut and paste Hans Christians Anderson face to a picture of the Little Mermaid. This picture presents the true face of the Little Mermaid, it also criticize the way movies like Disney’s Little Mermaid changed the story. This picture is a representation of the way Hans Christian Anderson indentified himself with the character of the Little Mermaid. Like the Little Mermaid, Hans Christian Anderson didn’t marry his beloved Evard, because he didn’t corresponded to his love.


Writing this multigenre research paper about the Little Mermaid made me change my perspective. When I was little, I saw the Disney’s Little Mermaid movie. At that time I really liked the movie. Now that I have read the original piece I see the movie in a different way. Fairy tales were created to transmit moral values and they were not always meant to have an happy ending. It’s sad to see how movie adaptation change the message that the author want to give in their stories. I also learn a lot about Hans Christian Andersons life. At one point of writing my research I lost focused, because there is a lot of interesting information about the authors life. Each time I went to the library to look for information I found something new about the author.

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journal # 10

I went to the movies to see Planet 51. I want wanted to see it in English but they only had it in Spanish, but I still liked the movie it’s very funny and it has a lot of criticism  for example there is a part that they refer to astronauts as monkeys that only know how to press bottoms. They also had parts that looked a lot like other movies like E.T. Like most new children movies that are coming out it has double meaning  jokes that are not appropriate for children.

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Journal # 9

Marylis Garcia

INGL 3231

Hamir J Grau Rivera

INGL 3268

Quadruple Decker Story

At Mayaguez  Terrace used to lived a college student named Mary  who loved animals. She had some  pets for example fish and rabbits, but she always wanted to have a dog . At home she couldn’t have a dog, because her family didn’t like dogs. But living in Mayaguez far from home she saw the opportunity to adopt a dog.

Her parents’ concern was well deserved.  Mary was once accused of abusing stray pets she found on her way home.  Before Michael Vick, there was Mary.   Her fondness for animals was strange to say the least.  At one point she was accused and institutionalized for bestiality.  After many years of therapy and a 3-hour-long intervention she was released on a trial basis, to see how she would react.  The fear of a relapse was too great to risk.

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Journal # 8

Recently I  visited a comic book convention.  The convention was

called “Manga Boricua” and it was celebrated in Caguas. In the convention

they had artist from PR and they also had international comics. It was a very

nice activity were the cartoonist gave drawing tips and advice to new artist

that brought  their  drawing note books. There were also some cartoonist  that

work  for  some local news paper like Primera Hora. They also had a cosplay

competition. It was the first time I visited a  comic book convention,  I saw a

lot people dressed as their favorite  cartoons or super heroes, I really liked

the convention.  This convention  allows   people to see and appreciate  the

work of Puerto Rican artists.

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Journal # 7

Recently  president Obama lifted   the  band against  visitors with HIV.

President Obama said  that the United States would do away with a

government ban prohibiting foreign nationals who are H.I.V. positive from

entering the country, lifting a 22-year-old “decision rooted in fear rather than

fact” that he said hadadded to a stigma of the disease ( The New York Times).

Many countries still have this band. I didn’t know that this band existed  until

I  read this news. It’s incredible to see how people discriminated because of

fear or  the lack of information.

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Journal #6

                     I was looking at the news paper and I  saw a news

about a Chihuahua that survive a long trip inside a suitcase. At the

airport when the Chihuahua pass  the x ray they thought the dog

was a toy, until they open the suitcase. The dog was in perfect

conditions and now the authorities have custody of the dog.  It’s

incredible to see what people are capable to do and the abuse

that some animals are expose just because there owners don’t

want to pay for their  tickets. They prefer to let their pet pass a

difficult time or even die, just to save money.


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Mock Research Paper

Why should people collect large amounts of garbage

In  resent discussion  of  controversial  life styles  the comeback   of   collecting largeamounts of garbage. This controversial  life style has create a large debate between  the people in favorof this life style and the people that are against. Almost all of us have committed  this wonderful crimein a small scale form filling the refrigerator  with large amounts of food  to storing  useless information on computers.

On one hand, some argue that collecting garbage is pointless and nasty. Some of  the   reasons are the smell, the accumulation of bacteria , garbage makes the houses  look ugly , there’s less space for walking and it brings dangerous animals. The National anti Hoarding organization defines  this  new life style as compulsive  hoarding disorder .This disorder can cause fires, unclean conditions like roach infestations , injuries from tripping on clutter and other health and safety hazards, according to  Dr. Clean  , director of The  Disorders Program at the University of Olympia , Chile. They forget to mention  that the people  who suffered from  these problems were neglected. Like the case of Frederick Zapata who fell in one of his booby traps he made to protect his property  and was found dead by the Police (Chen).

On the other hand, others argue that collecting garbage has numerous  benefits that  money can’t buy. As described by Paul Rent in his resent article “It’s not area 51” collecting large amounts of garbage has a large list of benefits  for  science, recycling, and a dramatic emotional impact  on the people who practice this lifestyle (Rent). Some  Scientist buy  stored rotten food  that will  later be used for scientific investigations. Doctor  Monroe  who has been working for more than 20 years with rotten food has created a vaccine with the bacteria found on rotten vegetables. One of his  most famous  vaccine  created  from rotten vegetables is called vegerott  for the protection against H1N1 (Monroe) .

Recycling one of the important benefits you can get from collecting garbage. While you buildyour private collection, you are also saving the planet. Some  recycling  ideas are the use of soda cans to  build a large mountain  for backyards and the can mountain is perfectly for the practice of mountain  climbing. Garbage also makes a good play ground for pets. If they get hungry while they are playing and having fun they can take a bit on one of the playground walls (Green).

Emotional impact act of collecting  garbage has on people. Dr. Espinoza a well known psychiatrist who has worked for more than 30 years with collectors describes this life style  as amazing and  very artistic .  Each piece of garbage collected  has a past and holds precious memories for example  the  garbage belong that belonged to a loved one for example the persons  mother , father  or grandmother (Espinoza). Some garbage has historical value for example the garbage that belonged to Cristobal Colon which helped  historians find out the day Cristobal Colon got to  Puerto Rico (Urban). Garbage has also gave the opportunity for those people who  wanted to own pets but didn’t have the time or the money to visit a pet shop. Instead  of going to the pet shop the pet come to you. There’s a big variety of animals that come for example  dogs, cats and rats that can be trained (Monkey).

I invite you to try this  interesting life style. What looks like garbage for some people might be a treasure for others, it depends on the glass you are looking through.

Works Cited


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Rent, Paul. “It’s not area 51.” Clear Life styles 2 november 2009: 12-13.

Urban, Mark. If only are garbage could talk. San Juan: Adventure Works Press, 2008.

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Journal # 5


I was watching television with my mom on the weekend and I saw  a

television commercial that caught my attention. It was about a toy

hospital for children  called Los Barriguitas. The commercial starts with

an actor pretending to be a doctor and a little girl  saying that in

this hospital  she  gives orders. In the rest of the commercial the little

girl is playing with the dolls and there is music in the background  and

someone describing  what the girl is doing with the dolls. The dolls were

dressed like doctors,  nurses and  patients. The only part of the

commercial I  found that wasn’t appropriate  for children was that they

had a pregnant  doll  on a hospital bed giving birth. The  girl that was

playing with the dolls pulled out the baby form under a blanket. When

my mom saw this part of the commercial she said in Spanish “ Que poca

verguenza” , she couldn’t believe what she  was seeing. This kind of

commercials makes it more difficult for parents that really  want  to

explain to  their children about were baby’s come from. This kind of

topics should be explain to children by their parents, depending on the

age of the child.

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Profile Draft

Yu-Gi-Oh a new World


Located in the heart of Puerto Rico, Caguas. You can find Pit Games  store a small place with glass windows that gives a preview of a new exiting world notexplored by many people. Because of the fear of becoming part of this world or just the lack ofinterest. This world habited by many creatures are formed video game players, and poker players, but this world is mostly habited by creatures who like to be called Yu Gi Oh  masters or as the outsiders might call them gamers or losers. Yu Gi Oh is a Japanese  manga, that was turn in to a television show, and a card game.

As you get closer to the glass door. You start to hear loud noises, and  the closer you get thenoises starts to become easier to recognize, but not so easy because it’s a new language or dialect called also  Yu-Gi-Oh. This dialect used by the Yu Gi Oh game players to communicate  with each other uses  common  names and not so common to identify the cards, strategies and moves.

As you walk in,  must be careful not to trip with a book bag or push someone. Even the white plastic tables and chairs are well organized to fit inside and the white colored painted walls that try to give the room the effect  of more space. The  Yu-Gi-Oh players  hypnotized  by the game they don’t care about the pushing or how crow   the room gets  inside. They  haveeven created or become resistant to the high  heaven  smells that can be found inside those four walls. Some of the smells that can be distinguished  are the ones of stinky wet  shoes and sweaty stinky arm  mixed  with other kinds of odors that can’t be easily identified. Even some of the Yu-Gi-Oh gamers have gave suggestions  to the owner, for example air  fresheners. He did consider that option, but it would make the odors worst. This odors are easily spread by the room because of the air conditioner and some fans.


At the end of the store you can find the supply center. The Yu-Gi-Oh  supply center (the counter) where the  Yu-Gi-Oh  players get their supplies. As we walked  we can see through a  glass counter were some of the supplies are kept, you can also see some supplies displayed  on the wall that is behind the counter. All kinds supplies like cards, micas, mats  to place the cards. You can also find Coca Cola, frozen food and cooked food in the store. Not only supplies can be seen near the counter, you can also see a cash register were they pay for their  supplies purchased. There’s a microwave were the Yu-Gi-Oh gamers can cook their  frozen food and there are also aloud to bring home made food. Yu-Gi-Oh players  mostly satisfied their  need of  feeding by purchasing pizza and “pinchos” . At  the supplies center you can also find a very important person the Yu-Gi-Oh tamer ( the owner). Who opened this store to earn money, so he  could pay for  his college education. He describes Yu-Gi-Oh creatures (gamers) as  very motivated people. People from all ages play this game (14 to 31) formal high school students to  doctors come to play Yu-Gi-Oh.

Once  you have seen the Yu-Gi-Oh players world  and  some of their ways of survival. You are ready or prepared for the encounter with the Yu-Gi-Oh creatures. As you approach the Yu-Gi-Oh creatures be careful not to distract them. If there is a tournament, and if you get close to the referee might disqualify  the game and that will surely  make you see the dark side of the Yu-Gi-Oh creatures. As you observe the game,  You can see how the Yu-Gi-Oh creatures place the cards in battle  fields depending on the card. As the tension starts to build up between  opponents  and the frustration can be observed. Some Yu-Gi-Oh  spectators give support to their friends. As the game continues  to run you can see some Yu-Gi-Oh creatures use calculators to count the number of points they have taken from their opponent.  Finally the game ended and the loser start throw objects to the flour. While the winner andhis friends are celebrating and talking about the strategies that were used on the game.  Some of the Yu-Gi-Oh creatures do a happy dance that consist in the movement of arms and hips side to side, this dance looks common between the Yu-Gi-Oh creatures.


Most of the Yu-Gi-Oh creatures have more than two years of experience  playing this game, studying  strategies  and opponents. Yu-Gi-Oh creatures always have to be informed of what is happening at the moment. Some Yu-Gi-Oh players  use the internet to check how the value of the cards and decks have drop or gone up like in the stock. Other uses given to the internet are to look for what’s is new in the market, to see Yu-Gi-Oh cartoon episodes, to buy or sell cards and to stay informed  of any kind of problem that the company that make the cards might be having. For example when the USA started to make new cards

with out the authorization  of the company in Japan. The company in Japan stop sending cards to the USA and the cards made in the USA were not recognized as authentic. At that moment  the Yu-Gi-Oh players were worried about the supplier , because of the lack of supplies the Yu-Gi-Oh players started to think about what would be their future without the game. But luckily for the Yu-Gi-Oh players the problems were solve and, they were receiving the new cards.

Yu-Gi-Oh players also have a dark side which is reflected in their card trades. Most of the Yu-Gi-Oh players exchange cards  for other cards that they are looking for.  But there   are some exceptions who exchange video games, PSP, and food are some of things they are willing to exchange. Yu-Gi-Oh creatures always remember an incident in which a boy  traded a bowl of rice for a card. He was so desperate  to have the card he didn’t care to be hungry. When it comes to buy a card they are willing  to pay from $5 to $200 dollars each card. Which puts in doubt  their capability  to survive in the real world.

At the end of this journey we have visited the Yu-Gi-Oh players world and seen  some  of the player’s behavior  . We have seen that this creatures  are seen as loser by some people and as inspiring people by others, it all depends in which side of the glass window you are looking. I enjoyed the visit, players were funny, well-behaved and the place was pack, but you fell safe in their. I invite you to visit any place in which  you can find this interesting  people , get to know them and build up your own opinion about them.


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Journal # 4

              I always asked myself why people hate or treated bad salesman or the telephonecompanies that call to offer their services. Until I received a call from the

company of my cellphone to offer me a road insurance. At first the person that called sounded like a nice person. He explained how the insurance work and

talked about what kinds of emergency’s are covered bythe insurance. He also said that the first month is a free preview of the service. If I didn’t like theservice I

wouldn’t have trouble to cancel it, because I didn’t have a contract with them. The onlyinformation he asked me was my birthday. At that moment I thought it

was ok and I gave  him the information he was asking for. Once he had the information he changed his attitude. He told me that with the information I gave him, I

have accepted the insurance and I had to pay next month for the service. I told him that I didn’t what the service and he started to ask me why and he gave me

the reasons why I need the service. I even told him that the economy is in a bad condition for me to be spending money, I thought that would be the perfect

excuse to make him leave me alone, but it only made it worst. He kept on talking, I didn’t know what to do, I started to tell him I don’t want the service!!!, I

repeated it like 3 times. He ended the conversation saying that he had my information and that I have accepted the service and if I didn’t have more question

that’s all for today. Now I understand why people treat them bad.


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